Residential Property in Noida

After about 5 years after the land acquisition agitation broke out in Noida Extension, now Greater Noida West, the Noida Authority is again on the brink of gathering Rs 900 crore from its allottees, while the reaming Rs 920 crore disbursed to farmers as more advantageous repayment might be gathered through other approach.

As per the officials, the Authority has dispensed a complete of Rs 1,820 crore to farmers 64.7% more land compensation following an Allahabad High Court order in October 2011. Land proprietors ought to proportion this burden, officials stated. Notices for collecting the amount from allottees of different classes of land use have started being issued, Noida Authority officials said on 22nd May.

As stated by the officials, the respective departments of land had been instructed to draw up a list of Noida’s land allottees that might be stressed with the extra amount. The extra burden may be distributed to all allottees together with property owners of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial land in Noida. The move would help the Residential property in Noida .

Out of the Rs 1,800 crore, while Rs 891 crore might be amassed from allottees, Rs 198 crore could be recovered after launching land schemes and Rs 722 crore will be managed thru the sale of land in Noida.

Officials confirmed that the load would fall on property proprietors whose land has been received between 2002 and 2014 across 24 villages. At the same time as the Authority has drawn up a listing of 113 institutional allottees and 88 organization Housing allottees who’ve to pay the increased repayment, its miles yet to finalize the precise quantity of allottees it has to accumulate the extra amount from in residential, commercial and business regions.

In February 2014, the Authority had for the primary time determined to get better Rs 1,800 crore from its allottees after the high court order. In December 2015 and once more in March 2016, the procedure had once again started for the recuperation, however, to this point, the problem had been pending.

But, officials failed to expose the amount each allottee ought to shell out in view of the additional burden. Officials stated they will probably release recovery notices to allottees subsequent week while the quantity sought per person being figured out. Officers stated character plot owners, developers, institutes, commercial landowners, and so forth, who’ve been allotted land in Noida, ought to pay this greater quantity.

GNIDA and YEIDA have additionally transferred the more burdens owing to the increased reimbursement of 64.7% to their respective allottees. While greater Noida has to acquire Rs 4,500 crore from 24,000 allottees, YEIDA has to collect Rs 6,500 crore from 21,000 allottees. This will give a major boost to the property in Noida.


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