Many in Hyderabad, regardless of whether they live in affordable homes in Hyderabad or in more luxurious houses are feeling the impact of a shortage of water. The gated communities along Hyderabad’s IT corridor that house many well-paid Indian engineers are facing a shortage of water, as are households in Hyderabad’s old city. A common complaint among residents is that they have to either make do with a smaller daily supply of water or pay thousands of rupees and collect water from privately owned water tankers.residential apartments in Hyderabad

According to Those Most Affected

Residents in Hyderabad have stated that they often have to pay in an extra sum of three thousand rupees over and above their regular maintenance fee to receive a supply of water. Such residents complain that they have arrived at this juncture because the bore well that used to supply water to all residents has dried up. Those who have been the most impacted have requested the authorities to find a solution to their pressing problem because residents are allocating precious financial resources towards procuring something as essential as a steady supply of water.

Problems Greater than Shortage of Water

Some Real estate projects in Hyderabad that are near the Chandanagar Lake have graver problems. This is because the water that is drilled using a bore well has large traces of pollutants because of the proximity of this region to the highly polluted Chandanagar Lake. Hence kitchens in many developments near the lake are supplied with highly polluted water that is unsafe to drink.

The reason why the Chandanagar Lake is polluted is another grave problem. Because sewage flows regularly into the lake from surrounding regions, the quality of the water in the lake is deteriorating with each passing day. Hence in addition to finding a solution to a water supply that is laced with pollutants, residents living in regions in the proximity of the lake have to face the challenge of finding an environmentally friendly way of discarding the effluents they produce. Residents of these localities today have little choice but to buy water at a high cost from private suppliers.

Who’s to Blame?

Many residents who have been the most affected have reached the conclusion that real estate developers in Hyderabad are to blame for the current water crisis residents are facing. According to such residents, by digging deep bore wells, at times up to a depth of five hundred feet, builders have depleted the water table in many regions of Hyderabad.

Officials, however, have stated that there is a shortage of water because households are using more water in the summer than they did in months prior.


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