New Software May Aid in Urban Planning and Developing Real Estate in Gurgaon

Authorities hope that they can change realestate in Gurgaon for the better by taking cues from a “Virtual Singapore”. The goal, according to the MCG Commissioner V Umashankar, is to use ideas gleaned from a virtual Singapore to transform Gurgaon into a “Smart City”. The MCG commissioner met with a team that had created a virtual 3D model of Singapore to explore using the model, possibilities relevant for Gurgaon.

What is Virtual Singapore?

Virtual Singapore is a dynamic 3D model as well as a collaborative data platform that includes 3D maps of Singapore. Once the Virtual Singapore 3D Digital Platform is completed it will be used by Public and Private Research Sectors as well as by individuals. Being a collaborative data platform means that numerous teams can work on the Virtual Singapore 3D Platform from different locations simultaneously.

The Application of Virtual Singapore

One of the goals of the virtual Singapore 3D Digital Platform is to enable users who work in different construction sectors to develop sophisticated tools and applications that test-bed concepts and services in building and to aid users in planning in decision making. The Virtual Singapore 3D Digital Platform is also expected to research technologies to solve complex and emerging challenges for the city state of Singapore.

But Gurgaon’s Not Among Smart CitiesResidential Property in Gurgaon

Even though Gurgaon missed being included among the nations 100 Smart Cities, New Delhi has promised to help Gurgaon become a Smart City. The cost for this transformation into a smart city will have to be borne by the Haryana Government. Once such a transformation is complete and Gurgaon goes on to become a true smart city, in spite of not being included in the original list of Smart Cities, the value of luxury flats in Gurgaon may climb even higher.

The 3D French Connection

At the meeting between the MCG Commissioner and the team that designed the Virtual 3D model of Singapore, officials of the French company Dassault Systems (The makers of the Raphael Fighter Jet , India’s newest fifth generation Fighter Jet) provided an overview of their proprietary software that created the 3D copy of Singapore. Dassault’s goal in sharing the mentioned details about their software was to enable urban planners and administrators to conduct a feasibility study of various events that shape a city.

Indian Data Collection

The Indian response to the Dassault software was to acknowledge that the latter software was ten leaps ahead of domestic planning software. The MCD plans to accumulate information from completed buildings and will also need to do so from upcoming residential projects in Gurgaon over time, for its own software which will be used for urban planning.


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