The Story Behind Illegal Properties in Pune That Are to Be Legalised

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Many properties in Pune that were built illegally can now be transformed into legal structures if the owners of the building pay a premium or a compounding fee. This has been made possible by an amendment to the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act which allowed the legalisation of unauthorised buildings. The states assemblies move to amend the MRTP Act is being celebrated in the outer regions of Pune where a great deal of the property has been constructed illegally.

Details of the New Rule

The new rule as it stands is applicable only to properties that had been built before December of 2015. Yet builders in Pune are confident that dates postdating December 2015 will eventually be brought to bear upon under the amended act since builders know that the government needs votes and the cities people need cheap houses in which they may live.

Builders and developers in Pune have stated that while the current deadline has been set to include only those buildings built before December 2015, they are confident that within a few years another deadline accommodating legalisation of buildings built after 2015 will be enacted. Builders believe that this is not going to end with the establishment of only December 2015 as the deadline and expect dates to continue to be postponed because governments need votes and also because residents of Pune require access to cheap housing.

Out of Court Decision

The Bombay high court refused to approve the state assemblies plan which aimed at the legalisation of illegal structure that had been built before December 2015. Hence the government used its own power to save such structures. Currently, there are nearly one and a half lakh illegal structures in the district of Pune.

The Residents Fate

Those who reside in such illegal and affordable housing in Pune are quite happy since the builders have successfully transformed what had been an illegal structure into a legal one. Many of the builders in Pune who constructed these projects are actually themselves politicians. Some residents of Pune have stated that it seems to be a good idea to first construct illegal buildings at low cost and to then legalise them. Those who live in illegal residential projects in Pune have stated that they have little choice but to do otherwise since they cannot afford to live in costlier formal housing.


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