10 Things Making New Gurgaon A Perfect Location To Buy Home

Including new sectors from 82 to 115, New Gurgaon in the ‘Millennium City’ makes a much desired residential as well as investment destination. Not just from Gurgaon, people from different part of the country want to own a house in this newly developed area. But have you ever thought what makes projects in Gurgaon’s this location so popular? Here are top 10 reasons behind popularity of New Gurgaon.

  1. Modern lifestyle: Layout of the area has been designed to meet requirements of modern homebuyers. From the roads to infrastructure and design of the buildings, everything here ensures a modern lifestyle.
  1. Wide roads: Looking at the congestion in city roads in New Gurgaon property have been designed to manage traffic well. As against 48 meter wide roads in Gurgaon, New Gurgaon has 84 meter wide roads with service lanes.
  1. Segregated areas: Unlike in Gurgaon you won’t see mix of commercial and residential units in the same area. Though top builders in Gurgaon have launched commercial and residential complexes adjacent to each other, they lie different from each other. You won’t find any residential complex in the middle of commercial buildings or vice a versa.
  1. Rapid habitation: Quick completion of the projects and well-planned infrastructure in the neighborhood has played a vital role in rapid habitation of New Gurgaon.
  1. Smooth connectivity: National Highway 8 (NH-8), Pataudi Road and KMP (Kundli Manesar Palwal) Expressway ensure smooth road connectivity to major areas.
  1. Metro and bus connectivity: Metro line and new ISBT have been proposed at the intersection of NH-8 and Dwarka expressway. Once completed, these will make commutation really easy for a person investing in projects in Gurgaon’s this region.
  1. Social infrastructure: From hotels to schools, hospitals, malls and restaurants, you can easily find all the big names in New Gurgaon.
  1. Direct connectivity to leading offices: From Google to Airtel, TCS” target=”_blank”>TCS”>TCS and Genpact, every leading company has its office on NH-8. Employees working in these companies can reach their offices just in a few minutes from New Gurgaon.
  1. High growth potential: Top builders in Gurgaon have launched residential projects in New Gurgaon. Property investors can invest in these projects to get recurring income through rent.
  1. Solution to the problems residents face in Gurgaon: From narrow roads to drainage, power supply and traffic, every problem has been solved for the residents of New Gurgaon.

In short, those looking for comfortable and stylish homes in the Millennium City now have a better option with more facilities.buy property in gurgaon


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