Which is a better property location Pune/PCMC?

Most of the property customers have this confusion. Pune or PCMC? Even as buying your dream home is a very emotional and strain making selection, one has to ensure what’s absolutely the destination of your lifetime dwelling.


PCMC has better linked on street and rail network compared to Pune.  The municipal organization of PCMC has undisputedly taken brilliant efforts to offer its residents congestion free roads and therefore score one factor above Pune metropolis’s infrastructure which is most of the times overload. PCMC additionally has a very good local teach network as compared to Pune which stands an excellent advantage.

Assets fees in PCMC v/s Pune :

Costs of residences and residences in PCMC are moderately lesser compared to Pune. When you evaluate those expenses to infra to be had v/s belongings presented, one would always experience that PCMC is cheap.

For e.G. 2 or 3bhk residences or flats in Ravet at Kohinoor grandeur that is an access factor from Mumbai, would come in a bracket of Rs. 55 lacs to RS. 1 crore depending upon the type of apartments in pune however further property in Hadapsar that is an access factor from Solapur is 50% more high-priced than Ravet.

Alternately, 2bhk flats or apartments in Pimpri vital at Mahindra Antheia (a very top vicinity) will are available a rate bracket of 70 lacs plus taxes but the further prime primary vicinity of Pune like shivajinagar will value you not anything much less than 1.50 crores.

Work and industries:

PCMC is one among Asia’s biggest business and car hub. Pune is a combination of the whole lot however maximum of the it corporations form base in Pune. This has probably guided the property rates in Pune.

Amusement and leisure:

Pune has higher enjoyment and fun locations as compared to PCMC. For ones who love night tlife existence, PCMC does now not have plenty to offer. For the ones who party not so the ordinary journey to hotspot, destinations are simpler from PCMC than from some distance off areas of Pune. PCMC has some very first-rate parks maintained remarkable. In this particular area, residential property in Pune scores over PCMC.

Academic centers :

Both PCMC and Pune have enough of schools, faculties, private training and so forth although Pune can also have an edge over it.

Sooner or later when it is absolutely the right time to decide between PCMC or Pune, it additionally concerns like the distance from workplace to your home should not be ignored. If it falls nicely within 8-12 kms variety, PCMC will usually be a higher desire.

PCMC is fast emerging as alternative property destination and soon compete with the properties in Pune.

3 bhk flats in pune


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