Why Consider Sector 79 When Buying Affordable Flats in Gurgaon


Living in flats in Gurgaon at Sector 79 means living in a part of Gurgaon that has good connectivity. This region also has flats that are priced competitively when compared to other regions of Gurgaon. The demand for much of the realestate in Gurgaon arises from individuals who work at some of the top global companies whose presence is ubiquitous in Gurgaon. Companies such as American Express, Google, Bank of America, and Microsoft all have offices in Gurgaon. Many such multinationals employ legions of well-paid workers who in turn invest their earnings into property in Gurgaon.

Give a Chance to Affordable Flats

As most people across the country already know, living in Gurgaon is expensive and buying luxury apartments in Gurgaon is more difficult still. The price of real estate in Gurgaon has more than quadrupled over the past fifteen years and there is a good chance it will do so over the next fifteen years as well. Thankfully the Haryana Urban Development Association (HUDA) has schemes that allow those who want to become stakeholders in Gurgaon to do so by buying affordable flats in Gurgaon from HUDA.

An Affordable House in Gurgaon

A project by the Haryana Government makes it possible for middle-income segment households or even those will lesser means at their disposal to buy flats from the government in Gurgaon at affordable prices. Even as much of the property in gurgaon has risen beyond the budget of most middle class and lower middle class households, government initiatives make it possible for less well off households to purchase flats in Gurgaon.

What Had Been Lacking Earlier

The plan by the Haryana government is to revive the market for affordable housing, which had been suffering from delayed projects and infrastructure shortcomings in Gurgaon over the past few years. The Haryana government had placed nearly 1,500 such flats on offer both in Gurgaon and Rewari combined last year.

Leading From The Front

Only in rare cases is progress made by the government in industry that leads private groups to follow. This is however the picture emerging in Gurgaon where the governments impetus to create affordable housing is leading many of the biggest industrial groups in the country to follow suit.

While it would be encouraging to believe that private companies are now more eager to build affordable flats in Gurgaon to serve the less well of segments of society, in truth they have been provided the right incentive to do so from the Union Budget which promises tax incentives should builders go ahead and build affordable housing in Gurgaon and indeed across the country.

Why Sector 79 Wins Over Others

Sector 79 has numerous advantages over other regions of Gurgaon particularly when it comes to being the backdrop to affordable flats in Gurgaon. Unlike many other regions of Gurgaon Sector 79 is tranquil and has no shortage of greenery.  It is also only 1 kilometer away from the NH8 and is also in close proximity to Golf Course Road. In addition to being close to the above localities, Sector 79 is also close to Southern Peripheral Road connecting it easily to Faridabad. This region is also quite likely to be a good region for investment as the potential for price appreciation is greater here than at other upcoming regions. Hence Sector 79 wins over most other regions, when it comes to being an ideal location at which to buy affordable flats in Gurgaon.


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