The name Sohna Road is heard so frequently in Gurgaon that one needs to ponder what the suggestions are for its nearness. Well in regard what it might infer is that the focal point of Gurgaon may itself continuously move far from where it is customarily held to be today i.e; M.G Road, towards Golf Course Extension Road. This has colossal ramifications for properties in Gurgaon as it would imply that costs along the Golf Course Road would acknowledge promote and that parts of Gurgaon along Golf Course Road would see a noteworthy thankfulness in the estimation of its land.

A few sections of Sohna Road, for example, Sector 47 have seen an immense gratefulness in the cost of its land. If one somehow happened to judge the  Realestate market in Sohna Road, essentially on the premise of the cost of property in a couple of parts you would be pardoned for suspecting that there is in actuality a property blast in the region.

For example, costs of property at division 47 have increased in value by near half in the most recent couple of years, ascending from 8000 rupees for every square foot to 12000 rupees. This when every one of the specialists demand that there is a droop in property in Gurgaon!

luxury apartments in Gurgaon are coming up on Sohna Road left, right and focus, a drive down Sohna Road demonstrates development happening at a rushed pace, the greater part of these pads are valued in the crores in spite of being moderately new developments

Some different properties at Sohna Road are out and out extreme and are valued all things considered; it’s normal to discover flats on Sohna Road that cost more than 5 crores or even 7 crores. The cost charged by such upcoming Projects in Gurgaon at Sohna Road seems to show a move in the epicenter of Gurgaon towards Golf Course Road and Golf Course Extension Road, whether this move is natural or arranged is impossible to say and in all likelihood there is nobody right reply.

As of now there are just a modest bunch of new projects under development in Sector 47 on Sohna Road, this might be because of the apparent overabundance of stock in the market and engineers might be in certainty backing off or ceasing completely some new developments until they can offload critical quantities of old stock.



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