Mr. Deepak Agarwal who is the CEO of the Noida Authority recently inspected the 24 kilometer long Noida Expressway and decided to get rid of the spots which are still in dark. After this inspection, a detailed survey was conducted in the entire stretch by the Noida traffic Cell. According to the insiders, detailed plans are being chalked in order to make the road smooth for the commuters and reduce the incidences of accidents. According to a report which was presented by the Central Road Research Institute regarding the road connectivity between the two cities of Noida and Greater Noida, says that requires a significant improvement. This is also impacts the Noida expressway projects.

Thoughts from the CEO

Deepak Agarwal who personally travels between the Noida and the Greater Noida regularly says that the entry and the exit points to and from the Express-way are very poorly planned. The expressway was opened in the year, 2002 there were several insertions and excretions created along the both sides of the road, which has made commuting on the Expressway-very risky. To ensure the safety of the commuters have become more important as there are several buy property in  Noida. He further added that the designs of the roads at certain points are very faulty and are not according to the norms which are laid by the road safety and engineering department. Taking all these points into consideration he gave instruction to the NTC to survey the entire e-way and formulates a rectification plan.

Words from the Noida Traffic Cell

The in-charge of the Noida Authority Traffic Cell confirmed that the survey work on the entire stretch has been completed and they have recorded a comprehensive view of the expressway. They have identified that 4 entry and exit points on the entire e-way which are regular and required. In addition to this, there is one exit point near the sector 105 and one exit point on the sector 12 on the e-way which is required.The In-charge also stated that the intersection near the sector 108 is unplanned and is prone to accidents.

The Noida e-way serves as a very medium connectivity medium between these two cities and ensuring the safety of the commuters on this road is very important. We often hear report which has news and images of fatal accidents on this road. This new development would be an important step towards minimizing these incidents.



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